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Friday, December 31st, 2004
9:00 pm - If music be the sound of death... play on.
Okay everyone, this is my last entry here, so if you'd like to add my new journal I suggest you do it now before you become lazy like me, and I'm gone forever. knockoutapathy. I was going to add you all tonight, but I just dont have time. I have to get to this house which is somewhere in Withington, and I'm nervous I'll never find it, and the buses are going to be about £47 a packet and AARGH [/stress].

I'll try to try not to be epic in this. I tried last year and failed miserably. Of course last year I got in and wrote the entry at 5am. I'm part of the opinion that we shouldnt make such a big deal of the new year, because you can change yourself all year round. But if you choose it as a new beginning, thats also good.

As always, this year has gone faster than the last. It's been a good and bad year. Whilst academically, and otherwise, I still achieved nothing, the main positive thing that sticks out is how much more integrated I now feel in the music scene. Quite sad that the best part of the year is based around a website eh? Ah well, its not the first time, that's our generation I suppose. It's been, frankly, a shit year for my love life, for different reasons. I did things I regret, and I'm not just saying that as a token statement (so, sorry). It's not like I lived the slaggish rock 'n' roll lifestyle in its place either, incase anyone was wondering. But like I said, tomorrow wont be that different from today, time marches on. I've feel I've learnt a lot and grown after another 12 months, NO thanks to any of the colleges I've attended. And well. This is probably best saved for the new journal.

Next year I'm going to do something important to me instead of all this fucking shit. Maybe more than one thing ey?

Anyway, its quite blatent who this year belongs to.

If you listen to anything vaguely alternative (the modern day term for "good"), you probably owe this fella something.

Rest In Peace John, we already miss you.

Hope you all had or are about to have a good evening, depending on where you are on this little green globe.

current mood: endmyliberation now please.

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Thursday, December 30th, 2004
6:52 pm - For a girl who dreams of John Cusack, she's got a lot of Satanists and lumberjacks.

That's right, I'm breaking out this picture again. 2 weeks ago I sold a copy of civilised_fury's zine [Closed Caption] to my manager. I had forgotten that within its hallowed pages, lay a photocopy of the above photo...

So I got suspended, and just today went in for a discpline thing, only to find it wasn't the real disciplinary, and I have to wait to be phoned, again. It wouldn't be so bad if it hadn't been under a typically scathing piece of writing of mine about education. This bit caught Blockbusters attention:

...Preparing you for your early adult years in particular, in mundane part time jobs where you're meant to actually believe that the job you're doing is going to get you more than perhaps a thank you, so you'd best work hard (the truth of course being, that there is no point doing anything other than the complete minimum in a mundane job which holds no interest for you, you arent going anywhere in that company, trust me).
I was asked if this was my opinion to working in Blockbuster, and I could hardly say yes or no, so I said "its my wider world view."

Their own policy says "No politics, no bull" (their customers span from daft communist to total fascist I imagine - 20 million customers in Great Britain alone don't you know). So I broke some rules (misuse of equipment, misuse of time, their PUBLICATION POLICY for fucks sake! It's a little fanzine!), if I was so bad I wouldn't have kept the job for 6 months. Now, admittedly, you lot have had the luck of reading about my "scheming", though I don't write about it much anymore, because its boring (and I realised stealing Nestlé was probably counterproductive). They must know they employ anti-capitalists or their ilk in a company that large, they should be prepared to be slagged off, why do they have to be fuckwits about it? Who gives a fuck if that's my view of your shitty corporation, I'm working for you aren't I? You won didn't you? 70% of Britons hate their jobs - that's bullshit, and I cant believe more people think this is the only way society can function - be miserable. I got suspended pay, but I'm annoyed because I've missed all that bank/holiday money. Thought I might get to do my extra pay shift tomorrow, but no.

The whole ordeal has just left me wanting to quit even more than before.

I heard some seminally poppy rap song on the radio the other night with lyrics questioning our binge drinking culture, which I'm glad someone apparently mainstream-ish is writing about. Nevertheless, the remaining 31 hours of this year will be mostly spent in a blitz trying to forget all the stuff on my plate at the moment. I'll probably fit in an entry tomorrow.

Austin has at least a million bands with a plan, to get rich working for the man, it's sort of sad. Maybe not. Maybe they deserve what they get.Collapse )

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Monday, December 27th, 2004
4:02 am - My thoughts exactly.
Great news everyone!
I assume of course you all remember Jamie Tandy? The square-headed fucknut who shared a year group with us? He kicked a football and made a lot of ridiculous comments. As you may recall, he played football for Man City youth team or some such useless shite. Well, check this out:

"MANCHESTER (Reuters) - Manchester City midfielder Joey Barton has been fined six weeks' wages for poking a lit cigar in the eye of a trainee during a row at the club's Christmas Party.
Barton, 22, was found guilty of gross misconduct by a City disciplinary hearing following the incident on Sunday with Jamie Tandy. Wardle said he and manager Kevin Keegan felt badly let down by the episode which left Tandy with an eye injury. He is expected to make a full recovery.
Tandy, 20, had attempted to set fire to Barton's fancy dress costume, said reports which City declined to confirm officially." (from Reuters Sports News)

This has made my fucking Christmas! It's added that much needed element of farce which should and must prevail!

Merry Everyone!!


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Thursday, December 23rd, 2004
9:15 pm - "We weren't nice boys, we were evil fucking bastards. And we still are."
"Thank you for your order!"

7 Seconds | The Crew
Alkaline Trio | Goddamnit
Appleseed Cast | Low Level Owl Volume 1
Bad Religion | 80-85
Bad Religion | The Empire Strikes First
Beecher | Resention is a Big Word
Comeback Kid | Turn It Around
Converge | You Fail Me
I Against I | Headcleaner
J Church | Nostalgic for Nothing
Jimmy Eat World | Futures (Enhanced)
Pennywise | Home Movies
Reggie and the Full Effect | Greatest Hits '84-'87
Saves the Day | Through Being Cool
Sonic Boom Six | Sounds to Consume
Strike Anywhere | Change is a Sound
Various Artists | Rock Against Bush Vol. 2

That would be a "Happy Christmas to me."

Please note!:

powerswitch - Remember that peak oil business? Well I decided it was about time I made practical use of Livejournal and made a community. I plan to promote this a LOT over time so hopefully I can keep the word spreading and the news up-to-date.

knockoutapathy - This is my new journal and there's absolutely nothing on it. Add it please because I won't be posting here come January!

Now in usual ramshackle entry style, I'm going down the local punk rock disco.

current mood: a bit accomplished

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Sunday, December 12th, 2004
5:46 am - When it comes to you, I step on cracks.
Bomb Ibiza: The venue is mint, it's on this street where all the buildings are built into the arches under the train tracks, so they have curved ceilings. It used to be a big indie club but has since gone into obscurity (not surprising, many people had never even heard of it). You can tell, its definitely got that Madchester/Britpop cool to it. Posters all over, plain brick and iron walls, it looks like a bog standard factory from the outside. And a fucking balcony!

The BrickhouseCollapse )

The only thing wrong with it is the sound system. We couldn't put the volume up too far or it cut off to protect the speakers, and the place needs more speakers, because its a lot less encouraging to dance. Every CD sounded different. On the uphand, the delectable Alex came all the way up to do the raffle draw, I'm getting more comfortable just being left to DJ by myself for an hour, and I sold 4 or 5 'zines (cheer simmo).

I like Japanese films. I always notice the long takes, long pauses without music, with no sound at all sometimes. Like cut scenes in games. The ones marketed here also tend to be FUCKING MENTAL.

I bought a pre-owned Kids Near Water EP a few days ago. The first one. I got it because I instantly recognised the cover. It reminds me of being 15, and being in Dave's room and wondering what all this stuff was he listened to. Of course that reminded me of batterred copied tapes that I still own and play to death, and getting stoned on the old train tracks, and all nighters in his living room. I looked up to him, I suppose I still do, but not in the same way. He can be a fuckwit in his ways, but he's always seemed cool to me. I keep meaning to phone him. Whenever I mention him in here I get all soppy. It must seem like I fancy him.

current mood: anxious (just about all the fucking work I have to do this week)

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Tuesday, November 30th, 2004
1:29 pm - The City With Two Faces.
We are so dependent on "just in time" deliveries that a strike by hauliers could halt factories, offices, shops, pubs, hospitals and waste collections, and bring Britain to a standstill within days.

Research will this week cast doubt on the economy's ability to cope with a repeat of the lorry drivers' strike of 1979 or the fuel crisis of 2000 - though the retail industry contests this view.

To mark National Truck Week, a study calculated shops would introduce food rationing within three days of an all-out stoppage. And without deliveries, scores of companies would go bust in a week.

Heriot Watt University's logistics research centre found that retailers were keeping smaller stocks than ever because of pressure on storage space. Shops rotated stock seven times a year in 1986, but 10.5 times in 2001. The average tonne of freight travels 57 miles by road, compared with 21 miles in 1953.

Alan McKinnon, who wrote the report, said: "Although people don't like lorries, we are totally dependent on them. Without them, our standard of living would collapse within a few days."

Within 48 hours of a strike, many hospitals would have to cancel all but essential operations because of difficulty in obtaining linen and catering supplies. After three days, city centre pubs would run out of beer, and, by the fourth petrol pumps would run dry. By the end of a week half of Britain's 24m cars would be off the road. Manufacturers, construction firms and retailers would begin laying off workers to cope with a cashflow squeeze.

A spokesman for the Freight Transport Association said: "This is the way life works these days. There is, quite rightly, an emphasis among businesses on lean operations and stripping out inventory."

Steve Hounsham of the environmental pressure group Transport 2000 said the economy had become "shockingly dependent" on road traffic. He said: "Everything is being kept on huge warehouses on the motorways. We'd like to see a greater degree of localisation, so we don't have to move things so far."

David Southwell of the British Retail Consortium, said: "The idea that after three days the country would resort to rationing is wrong. We've seen temporary disruption before and dealt with it - this is a panic-mongering suggestion."



My current music seems like a metaphor for our generation and what's coming up.

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Sunday, November 28th, 2004
3:15 pm - Freedom of espresso.
"See The Apprentice Finale Live In NYC, Compliments Of Pepsi Edge

You've seen 'em get fired. Now win a chance to see who gets hired live at The Apprentice season finale in New York City! And 100 fans will win a limited edition replica of the Pepsi EDGE bottle featured on Thanksgiving night. Log on to pepsiedge.com to enter now!"

AMAGAD a strangely shaped bottle of coke DAT WAS ON TEEVEE! Well thanks for the email Pepsi Cola Company, I'll sure go to bed tonight masturbating like its going out of style.

I did a review of the Suicide Machines gig on Friday but I may refrain from posting it.
But a word of advice young David: it's not a case of "it being a gig" when you're (or some of your friends who may be invading my journal) throwing yourselves around and pissing off everyone stood near you. I don't know if you think that's "punk" or something but I'm sure you're a nice bloke and have just got the wrong idea. I know you were all pissed but making everyone think you're a knob is not something that's going to help you in the future. I don't hate you, just goddamn chill. It was nice to meet you.

I didn't do anything for Buy Nothing Day, because I couldn't find statto. Although I did avoid the public transport issue... by not going home.

I'm entirely against the smoking ban. If people are so concerned about passive smoke then why are they going out and getting DRUNK? But more to the point, you get polluted every single day by all the shit in the air, so I would say fag smoke is a small worry. So lets ban cars first, and factories.
"But driving actually serves a purpose, smoking is pointless."
If people didn't enjoy smoking, if people didn't enjoy getting high off tobacco, there wouldn't be millions of people addicted to it, regardless of whether a large percentage of them want to give up. So now you're dictating what someone else finds enjoyable? And who are you to ban something someone else enjoys? Who is anyone to dictate what is "pointless" when everything except food is pointless? Oh, it's for their own good? Man, you are some funny sounding "liberals".
Fair enough if you dont want smoke blown around when you're eating. But 20,000 pubs are expected to shut down their kitchens to avoid having to kick out smokers. And if this goes through you know there's going to be a load of pointless brawling over what classifies as "prepared food".
I can't stand the way everyone looks down on smokers like they're some kind of health saint. At the same time as the "should all pubs be open 24 hours?" debate is going on.

I see this as on a par with debating whether to ban alcohol in restaraunts (like smoking in pubs/clubs, secondary activity to going) because of the occasional person overturning a table or punching a waiter. I dont need to tell you how well any restrictions like that would go over in this drenched country.

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Monday, November 22nd, 2004
7:03 am - No regrets concerning.. you?
I'm in one of those moods tonight where I wanted to post some lyrics, but since none are really standing out to me I'll leave it (note: they would be silly emotional lyrics hinting at a shallow level of melancholy). A silly pop-punk band from Dundee called Not Your Saviour came close, but they have no lyrics on their website, so its their loss. (edit: No Standards are a pretty rubbish Manchester "punk" band, I do apologise for the mix up).

I bought some CD's from Roadkill on Friday with cycovisionary, they are as follows:

Strung Out - An American Paradox
Black Flag - Damaged
Braid - MovieMusic Vol.1
Lagwagon - Hoss
17 Stitches - Closer Than You Think
Kerrang Search & Destroy Volume 1: The History of Punk (bad, but not as bad as you'd expect - it was free for gods sake, bar a donation to the charity elephant)

Today was the second Ska Bar, Captain Hotknives was hilarious, but for me a bit of a blah day overall, I just wasn't in the mood (note the distinct lack of ska above).

It's been a busy few days in the big murky world of relationships... I'm feeling better than I did earlier. And thats as vague as I'm going to be.

I have to be up in 2 hours. Silly essays.

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Saturday, November 20th, 2004
11:10 pm - In light of people being ashamed of "their" countries.
What happens when you put two nationalists in a room together?Collapse )

I can see the comedy in this, and I know anyone of either country who's willing to read my journal will too. Though I think the Monarchy is something of a bigger joke in the world than American football.

I get a jolt of nationalism everytime I type programme with 14 extra letters on the end. Really. It's not good for humanity.

There's nothing wrong with differing culture, culture itself doesn't foster division. I would rather accept that we all have differences and embrace it. How else would we have made bad parodies of one another, as above, for so many decades? Also, I know people living in other countries love watching us banter back and forth, like a cock war, spy-vs-spy, Hitler-Stalin relationship, smug in the knowledge that where they live (Canada New Zealand Australia Ireland Europe Asia, in fact anywhere else in the universe) is collectively slightly amused by such self important bullshit.

By the way, I love the US. It interests me greatly and I can't think of anything to do with it's culture that wouldn't provide a talking point. So many things have come from that particular mass of land (people and things people have produced) that have made my life a lot more enjoyable. I only wish as many British people were willing to admit that as the number of USians who will gladly admit Britain interests them.

"Patriotism is the notion that a country is somehow better because you were born in it."

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Tuesday, November 16th, 2004
1:35 pm - About time I posted this.

Some independent scientists are predicting that "Peak Oil" will come at about 2007 - much sooner than "official" estimates of 2037.

The oil extracted after this point is going to be more expensive to get out of the ground, furthur driving up the price.

The price of oil is due to skyrocket, and more than it has done recently. Soon supply will start to be less than demand.

Look around you. Perhaps make a list of everything that wasn't:

-Made using oil
-Transported to your home using petrol
-Grown using oil run tractors
-Packaged with plastics
-Made with machines running on fossil fuels

It will be a very short list.

For every 1 calorie of food we eat, 10 calories of oil are burned.

When the price of oil goes up, what do you think will happen to the price of food?
And everything else?

The time to act is now. Global Warming is not the only threat here.

The mild oil depression of the 1970's is nothing. This will be forseeably permanent.

Massive worldwide death, and a time that will radically alter human existance.

We can't avoid this, but we can make it a lot less disastrous.

Please watch this flash, it explains it better, and is where I got all this information: http://www.powerswitch.org.uk/portal/images/stories/animoil.swf

And go to http://www.powerswitch.org.uk to help.

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Monday, November 15th, 2004
11:10 am - Old enough to see Joy Division, shame he found the idea of touring the US so bad he hung himself.
So picture the scene.

Blockbuster, Altrincham, South Manchester, 9:55pm, Saturday. I'm just about to lock the door when Hazee walks up to it.

"Waaiiii, you're coming to 5th Ave."
"Waaiii, am I fuck going to 5th Ave."
"Waaiii, you bloody well are."

We leather it down to my house, I get changed. Go back to his, he ponces around making his hair look fancy and putting on a nice shirt. We drink 6 shots of Uzo. We jump on the tram and rejoice at victory over ticket inspectors. Spend ages at a cash machine. By the time we walk to 5th Ave its approaching midnight. We find Gary and Luke. They've just had 20 shots each in the gay village. We dance, and drink, and screw, because there's nothing else to do. Until 3am. We get a taxi and get some proper knob driver, who charges us extortionately, up front, and then refuses to drop us off in more than one place. We reminisce, then go 4 separate ways.

I wake up very late on Sunday. I dont know how I'm going to sleep tonight, considering I have to be up at 9 like every Monday. I inevitably stay up late, then eventually, all night, talking to craziecat amongst other things.

I start walking to English class. I'm trying to think of a suitably witty and destroying comeback to say to the 40-something woman in my class who likes to think herself something of a class comedian, and makes hilarious jokes about my "constant lateness". I know something along the lines of "Are you older than me? Then act like it." will suffice, and I feel like a line about her being just like all the idiots I went to school with will go right over most of the room, probably because it applies to them too.

I walk towards my English room (maybe 3 minutes late?) and push open the door. Empty. I walk up the entire corridor where all my lessons are. No old folk here. I think I walk right past Zara. How odd, she was one of the idiots I went to school with. I walk back down to the canteen to see if anyone is around. No one is, so I decide to go back to the room and look for a note before giving up.

I walk into the room. Not a scrap of paper on the tables. I walk into the middle of the four walls, and then it hits me.

Man Uni visit. You DENSE TWAT.

I get down on one knee and let out a semi-loud "shit." I wasn't planning on going on the visit, but I wish I'd remembered this earlier.

So I walk back out of the college and home. There seem to be a lot of people taking a dislike to my shirt today, I get stares from a couple of uglies. You know, I know from experience that coming from a poor family doesn't give you an excuse to be a dickhead, besides, your trainers clearly cost more than my entire kit-up. Like every day, I look at the long stream of cars going both ways on the relatively thin, lengthy road near my house, and wonder, how on Earth can you stop an addiction this bad?

I come in my front door, having half planned this ridiculous journal entry. My mum's not happy. My brother's just announced he's dropping out of college. Oh, joy, she'll be in a bad Nazi mood today. Eventually I get told "you might as well drop out of that college as well, if you're not going to put in 100%". Yep. Not this time.

Now I'm going to go and watch One For The Road, and see how long it is until I fall asleep. Ta.

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Monday, November 1st, 2004
11:13 pm - Kill The President
This is absurd - http://www.needlenose.com/win04/vote2.htm

"This is as an important election as there has been in the past fifty years. Registration of brand new voters is at an all-time high and the turn-out is expected to set records. Much is at stake -from the national economy, to the healthcare system, to the energy situation. The war in Iraq was ill-advised and has turned into the incredible mess that many predicted it would. The next president will probably have the opportunity to fill several upcoming vacancies on the Supreme Court, where a majority of the justices are over 65 and Rehnquist is ill with cancer."

A lot of what I write you'll probably have heard before, or will find plain patronising.

I know that every single person that reads this doesn't see the candidates in black and white, and is well aware that John Kerry is far from a shining sword for justice.

Like they tell you an hour before an exam when you first creak open your book, if you don't know it now you never will. So, if anyone is, I'd advise you to not worry today. Perhaps you shouldn't even think about it.

Also, don't let the polls get to you. They arent a great indication of the present situation. For example here's one that looks different to the others:

Released: October 30, 2004
Election 2004 Reuters/Zogby Daily Tracking Poll: Kerry Moves in Front; Kerry 47%, Bush 46%, News Reuters/Zogby Poll Reveals

President Bush lost one point and his Democratic challenger, Senator John Kerry, held steady at 47%, according to a new Reuters/Zogby daily tracking poll. The poll data this evening has leaners factored into the overall results. The telephone poll of 1209 likely voters was conducted from Wednesday through Friday (October 27-29, 2004). The margin of error is +/- 2.9 percentage points.

This is very important - we are not toppling a Roman-esque Emporer here. Whichever way the election goes, this must be remembered. I have a feeling November 3rd (assuming its over at some point in that day - a repeat of 2000 would leave far too much for the international community to look into) will leave me feeling rejuvinated (though Bush losing is obviously more likely to encourage that).

Bush said "terrorism is more than one person", and he's right - it's not, as I previously said, Judgement Day.

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Tuesday, October 26th, 2004
3:23 pm



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Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
5:34 pm - This finished 15 minutes ago so I officially have the worst timing ever, but its interesting.
Dear all,

Here are the final details for the event on Saturday. Feel free to circulate. If you have received this email from mikebrady@babymilkaction.org and do not wish to receive future alerts, please reply with 'delete' as the subject.

Nestlé to be exposed by gathering of human rights campaigners in Edinburgh

Announcement: 23 October event - free entry

Teviot House, Bristo Square, Edinburgh. 12:30 exhibition. 13:00 start.

Nestlé, the world's largest food company, is to be exposed for malpractice including aggressive marketing of baby foods, trade union busting, environmental destruction and exploitation of suppliers as experts present evidence at a public meeting in Edinburgh, 23 October, 13:00 - 17:30. The International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN), celebrating 25 years of campaigning to protect infants and their families, will present monitoring results gathered in 69 countries, which show Nestlé continues to be the worst of the baby food companies in pushing artificial feeding over breastfeeding. While Nestlé is the target of a 20-country boycott for this malpractice, there are other concerns about its activities, which experts will expose. Mark Ballard MSP, will introduce an international panel. Workshops will focus on exposing the malpractice highlighted in the presentations and an adjoining exhibition and promoting the boycott of Nestlé (including of the Nestlé Perrier Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival). Representatives of the corporate-free Tap Water Awards for outstanding artists at the Edinburgh Fringe will take part and there will be an interlude for entertainment. Read more...Collapse )

I'll do a more personal entry soon. Briefly, last weekend omgffswtf (WhatEvil) was here. It was reet grand.

Work now.

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Wednesday, October 13th, 2004
1:39 pm
Thoughts that just came to me following my last post.

That's why love is so important. It's the one, one thing that can't be taken away from us. The warmongers, the bosses, the exploiters, the haters, the profiteers. You can numb such an emotion but you cant stop it. You can kill someones wife but that love is still there, and it shows itself later in strive for change, in all the demonstraters, the aid workers, the workers unions, the non-profit community groups for victims of violence, rape and drugs, the dads who demand equal rights, and everyone who's ever taken a stand against something that they deemed unfair. It's the one thing we all have in common, because at the end of the day.. we are all just people.

"You can kill the protester but you can't kill the protest."

Love IS a protest. It's MY protest. So that other people might get the chance to feel it.

zirafah played some part in inspiring this.

I suppose I'm just sick of hate.
I apologise for the recent whimsicalness in this journal that may or may not have given you a brain infection.

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Sunday, October 10th, 2004
2:15 am - Stay with me tonight.
"Well, I
Don't wanna be no soldier mama
I don't wanna die" - John Lennon.

Read more...Collapse )

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Thursday, October 7th, 2004
11:00 pm - A simple song of sympathy is how it started, honestly.
Bomb Ibiza was ace.

I met Liam outside the BBC and we followed our noses to The Retro Bar. Being the good supporters we are, Em and I paid for the gig even though we had free entry. I broke my non drinking pledge by 7:15. Bollocks in hell. Harijan were on first, I've never known what the big deal was with them but they were impressive. I thought Skankt were gonna be on first since almost nobody seems to have heard of them, but no, they were on 3rd. Above the two bands who have toured Manchester to death. Okay? Then Tim left before we played his remixes. Hur Hur, whoops.

Minons Of Jeffrey were lacking one of their singers but he rushed in from work to do the last third of the set. Rock n roll. Then Skankt came on.. totally unspecial. The singer looked like he'd seen and copied David Beckham's mohawk, gone out and bought a "punk" shirt from Topman, and decided to start a band. So what I'm saying is he was a bit too good looking for his own good. But anyway, the music wasnt bad enough to indicate that but I was waiting for them to finish.

I had a wee jig to Catch It Kebabs, then went upstairs to make sure our kid got in alright. The spanners were pretending to be really strict on over 18's because it was becoming a club night, but I saw no IDing going on. Stuart and Aidie of course showed up really late and my mobile wasnt working for some tossbagging reason so I stood in the rain later to find he had a perfectly fine fake ID. BRILL.

The gig finished about half ten, and by 11 there were a good 100 people there. Nobody could understand it, we didn't know where these people had come from. Moving to the town centre obviously made a big difference (moving it 5 days beforehand no less). Well they quickly started to make off - to get the trams I presume - thankfully so there was enough room to move.

Setlists/photosCollapse )

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